Customized Massage

We will discuss your ailments and goals for the massage then create a customized treatment plan to best suit your massage goals.

     90 minutes - 100 dollars

     60 minutes - 70 dollars

     30 minutes - 40 dollars

Clinical Massage Therapy

Focused, clinincal protocols designed to target specific muscles in specific regions of your body.

     1 region - 75 dollars

     2 regions - 150 dollars  

     3 regions - 225 dollars

Pregnancy Massage

A special focus for pregnant woman's needs at any stage of pregnancy.

     60 minutes - 75 dollars

Thai Massage

Specific pressure along energy lines in the body combined with yoga-like stretches. Not recommended for pregnant women. Preformed fully clothed - please wear loose fitting, non-restrictive clothing to your appointment.

     90 minutes - 110 dollars

     60 minutes - 80 dollars

Hot Stone Massage

Massage using smooth, warm river stones.

     90 minutes - 120 dollars

     60 minutes - 90 dollars


Pressure applied to specific points on feet, hands and/or face to help promote natural healing and function of specific organs.

     1 session - 50 dollars

     Add on to any service - 40 dollars


Energy work used to open and balance the chakras and bring energy to places that need healing. Preformed fully clothed - please wear comfortable clothes.

     1 session - 60 dollars

     Add on to any service - 50 dollars

Guasha (Skin scraping)

Scraping the skin to create friction and open areas of restriction. Similarily intense as a deep tissue massage and will leave bruising for 3-5 days.

     1 region - 25 dollars

     1 region add on to any service - 10 dollars

     Full body - 70 dollars

     Full body add on to any service - 50 dollars

Kinesio Taping

Taping to help hold postural changes from bodywork and increase lymph movement to allow tissues to function optimally.

     Price varies - 5 - 25 dollars depending on size and type of taping needed


     1 session - 25 dollars

     Add on to any service - 10 dollars

Sugar Scrub

Natural cane sugar with mango and shea nut butter to moisturize while gently exfoliating skin.

     50 dollars

Salt Scrub

More vigorous exfoliation using ancient ayurvedic sea salt containing over 74 minerals.

     50 dollars

Sea Algae Wrap

Pure micronized Norwegian seaweed will help improve circulation as well as skin's elasticity.

     50 dollars

Benzonite Clay Wrap

Powerful detox wrap.

     50 dollars


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